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If you are thinking about getting a seasonal job while doing a little traveling, Miami seems like a great opportunity. You can get a job anywhere, but getting a job in Miami is truly special. After all, you need to have some exciting memories from your vacation. Mixing traveling with work is not easy, as you often have little time for any other activities. The whole point of travelling, after all, is to visit new places, have fun, and live new experiences.

On the other hand, the whole point of getting a job through it is to make it possible. Aiming for this sort of locations allows average people from developing countries to see exotic places and maybe even return with some cash. So far, it seems like a win-win situation. However, the entire process might take a little time and hard work. The hardest thing you need to do is actually find the job. Once you`ve found it, everything should go smoothly.

How hard is it to get a job in Miami? As you might have expected, the recession didn`t skip over Miami, and its economy also took a serious blow. Fortunately, Miami is a pretty special place that will attract tourists no mater what. As a result, getting a job in Miami might be a lot easier than in most other places, as work is always in demand in the tourism industry. The best thing about Miami, is that you won`t have to worry about only getting agriculture or construction related jobs.

Most jobs here involve hospitality, so at least, as an employee, you will have the advantage of having a clean job. As a foreigner it might be a little more difficult to get a job, as you would have to know the language. If you are having problems with it though, there are always back stage jobs you can do, like washing dishes. However, front row is where you can make more money and socialize with different people from all around the world.

Work in Miami doesn`t really feel as tiring. Work is work wherever you are. Still, having such an exceptional climate and that many people around, can`t help but fill you up with positive energy. How would you feel if you had the sun in your face every time you went to work? Sounds pretty good, doesn`t it? Miami offers you the chance to work in a big beautiful city, where everyone always seems to be enjoying themselves. This is the place where you can meet people in their best moments.

People usually spend their vacations here, so this is the place where they will be most relaxed and kind. It is this feeling that determines people to be highly generous, so having a job as a waiter of a bartender might be more benefic than you might expect.  Great tips can be received when people are enjoying their vacations, so you should definitely enjoy this aspect. Once your shift is done, you`ll have some money of your own to start enjoying your trip as well.

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Major Sector Jobs in Mumbai

Job Prospects in Mumbai

Mumbai is now the highly developed city of the country. It is previously known as Bombay is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city in India and emergent vastly in every sector whether it is industrial growth or economic growth. The city is also known as the trade capital of India. It is the richest metropolis in India which makes it the target of many career oriented people looking for job and people from across India approach to Mumbai to make a name for themselves, so there isn’t a shortage of people seeking for jobs in Mumbai.

As many multinational companies have opened their head offices in the city due to that the employment opportunities has increased in Mumbai and these companies are always in hunt of the good aspires. There are plenty of Jobs in Mumbai are available epically in IT sectors or call centre. These companies are even hiring the candidates as freelance jobs in Mumbai and also offer the good job opportunities to the students as well by allotting them the part time jobs in Mumbai. IT, finance, healthcare, and education are some of the major sectors that will create a number of jobs in Mumbai.

Best way to get Jobs in Mumbai

Today the life has become so busy and hectic there is not enough time is left to dig their heads in the newspapers for hours to look for ads related to Jobs in Mumbai. The one of the best way to get the jobs in Mumbai is online services. There are many Indian job portals available in the internet who leads your career to the right direction.

The People who don’t want to leave their comfort of home to go look for job they normally earn by doing online part time jobs in Mumbai. This has become very common in cities like Mumbai, people who are living in Mumbai and have knowledge of IT and computer field are earning good amount of money. Even this trend has also become familiar in small cities.

The thing you generally need for doing freelancing jobs in Mumbai or part time jobs in Mumbai are good computer and an internet connection with somewhat knowledge of computer and IT field, he or she can earn money by sitting at home. This advent has reduced the problem of migrating and allows you to do work from home in Mumbai.

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Most Popular Jobs in 2010

Many job hunters welcome 2010 with an eagerness that the job market will be recovered after the serious economic recession. In accounting and finance, salaries are actually expected to increase by an average of .5 percent in 2010. Thus, let’s take an in-dept look at the list of the most popular jobs in 2010 as follows:


Executive assistant

Executive assistants are supposed to support multiple managers and take on a wide range of duties. Moreover, their average salary is ranged from $ 37,010 to $ 52,042.


Executive assistants


Medical record clerk

Hospitals are going digital, so they need workers who can help them scan and process patient data, and the average hourly salary are from $ 9.58 to $ 12.83.


Medical record clerk


Senior financial analyst

Senior financial analysts are responsible for evaluating financial plans, budgets and figure out way to increase profits with the average salary at from $ 44,212 to $ 60,938.


Senior financial analyst


Customer service representative

Customer service needs to be gentle and polite with customers under any circumstances, and the average hourly salary is from $ 10.60 to $ 14.19.


Customer service representative


Network administrator

Network administrator is considered the most in demand position of any Information Technology job and is supposed to speak cloud computing, Voice over IP, and software. Of course, this job can earn average salary at from $ 41,620 to $ 60,459.


Network administrator


Credit manager/supervisor

Credit manager or supervisor has to keep cash flowing by evaluating credit risk and getting delinquent accounts to pay up, and the average income for this job are from $ 39,317 to $ 64,892.


Credit manager/supervisor


Tax accountant

Tax accountants are in charge of helping companies save money by managing their tax bills, so their average salary comes from $ 42,135 to $ 55,564.


Tax accountant



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